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Glass Block Windows

5 Major benefits of Glass Block Windows


If you are considering installing glass block windows in your home, this is great decision because there are a lot of benefits you get. They offer many upgrades and other benefits that regular windows cannot offer. Here are some of the major benefits that the glass block windows provide.

Energy efficiency 

Single pane windows do not offer energy efficiency in your home. Despite that there are several ways of insulating your windows when the weather gets hot or cold, there is none that can work better like these windows do. The windows help in preventing air from inside from escaping or the outside air from entering. This helps reduce your cooling or heating bills. By using the windows, you end up saving a lot of money you can use for other tasks in your home.


Glass block windows eliminate blighting costs and the need for having a lot of curtains. In addition, they help offer the house natural light that is hard to get by use of other types of windows. The blocks offer the room with greater amount of light when compared to artificial light. The good thing is that it is free, meaning you do not have to keep on all the lights in order to see clearly.

Enhance privacy

The windows do not require shades or curtains because of the different pattern styles of block that distort vision. A person on the outside cannot see anything inside clearly, this eliminating the need for window curtains and shades. In addition to this, the blocks offer you with high level soundproofing that the other thin and single pane windows cannot.

Boost security

Thin glass window is very fragile, because it is easy to be broken. It is easy for any intruder with bad intentions to get into your house. However, the glass block windows are exact opposite because it is hard for them to be broken into. They cannot be dismantled a lot because they offer a lot of resistance to force. The blocks can work as brick wall and windows at the same time. Another great benefit is that the windows can resist against severe weather, thus giving you peace of mind.

Enhance elegance in your home

The window makes your house look more elegant compared to other types of windows. Your home will look unique and in case you want to resell it in the future, it will fetch a higher price because of its high value.