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Glass Block Windows for Enhanced Privacy

Better Privacy with Glass Block Windows

One of the main reasons homeowners will install glass block windows is to keep things private! That’s right, glass block windows offer a perfect solution for those who don’t won’t the nosy neighbor or passerby peering inside their home. These windows are awesome for use in bathrooms, where privacy is extra important. These windows can be used around your shower area within the bathroom too, not just on the exterior of your home. No need to worry about putting up shades, blinds or curtains. Glassblock windows do not require shades or curtains because of the different pattern styles of block that distort vision. A person on the outside cannot see anything inside clearly.

In addition to this, the blocks offer you with high level soundproofing that the other thin and single pane windows cannot. If you have a basement where you may be doing loud activities, such as woodworking, practicing music, or perhaps you have a home theater downstairs, glass block windows can be a great step in eliminating the noise that neighbors would hear. Not to mention they help block the noise from coming INSIDE, so if you need a quiet basement workspace or play area, you should go with glass block.

glass block window privacy bath